Monday, 23 April 2018

Multimedia Monday

Yesterday we were provided with lengthy naptime, and also the felociraptors dashed around like mad things as Äiti was glued to her screen.  Mesi was very full of mischief - of course.
Every year she watches the London Marathon live, which is very tedious but does provide us with a lap. However yesterday she was flipping between screens watching the most incredible livecam from TinyKittens. If you haven't seen that site, go visit! They run a trap-neuter-return program in Canada but take in the pregnant mothers. Yesterday we saw an amazing birthing with two mothers in the nest; one had had kittens three days ago and was the most incredible midwife. We felines are amazing creatures, and we are so grateful these kittens were born in the safe warm nest provided - not in the wild.  TNR saves many lives, and we are huge fans of TK for their work and livecams that help educate humans.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Saturday Snooze

It's so tough being a tortie - it is necessary to sleep under the heaty blanket in order to restore one's energy.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Friday Fistipaws

The sphynxies love to wrassle. Well, to be more honest, Veikko does and Seppo goes along with it.
He knows he will get squished.
And smothered.
And hugged.
And all the time he doesn't move off his back. 
However, if you could hear him squeal, you would believe he was being tortured.  

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Thursday Toils

Mirsku is Jaava's pal. She knows she can twist him round her tortie paw.
Here she blags an ear wash.
And of course wants more.  Mirsku needs a rest.
It's hard work being a tortie's slave.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Tabster Tuesday

Mirsku knows how to make the most from life. Here he is enjoying the rays, well away from any snow that refuse to leave. In his mind, it's summer.
And it probably is, since he has been indulging in some rather lovely honeysuckle toys. This one barely survived the experience. Seppo had no choice but to share his toys - he looks on sadly.
And Äiti couldn't work out want Mirsku was going mad over here, but while sorting (!) our toys, a little disc of honeysuckle branch had fallen to the floor and into his paws.

 He tried the 'put it on your tongue to dissolve trick'*
But that was not necessary; he was on his back blissed out in no time at all. 

*Äiti was supervising to make sure he didn't try to eat it.